Just a page with the bits and pieces I’ve presented recently. If you’re interested in my work, have a look at my website: http://spickard.moonfruit.com

February 2012, Placement Student @ CCPilot100+ Project, Ferrybridge C, UK

On site and involved with commissioning and the initial testing period of the UK’s largest CCS demonstration project.

27-28th March 2012: 2nd Workshop on Cofiring Biomass with Coal, Copenhagen, Denmark

Gave oral presentation as update on current work and results and look to the future for Leeds.


14-16th November, 2011: Leadership In Action, University of Leeds, Leeds

3 day course aimed at developing leadership skills and thinking. Really very useful and met some great people.

October 25-26th 2011:  2nd International Network Meeting on Bio-CCS, University of Cardiff, Wales

Presented two posters at this event.

Kinetic analysis of biomass fuels under different atmospheres

Co-firing of brownfield biomasses

10th September 2011: British Science Festival, Bradford, UK

Uni of Leeds put on a display about climate change and low carbon tech. I got to go and talk to people who were interested about science!

March – July 2011: Ogden Teaching Fellow, Pontefract, UK

I taught for 20 days over this period at two schools in 2011 blending my research with the curriculum. It was great fun and I learnt a huge amount about how to better present my research to pretty tough audiences; if you can answer the myriad of questions from schoolkids I reckon you’ll be okay with a viva!

As a bit of fun I did a lesson on our energy future, there’s some explanation and a copy of the lesson handout on my website.

9th-10th February 2011: UKCCSC Winter School, London

At this meeting of young researchers working on CCS in the UK I presented an updated introduction to my research work, including my placement with the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

While similar to that which I presented in Stuttgart, this presentation includes some updated information on the 300kW testing facility as well as some new information on the smaller-scale 20kW combustion rig at Beighton, Sheffield.

January – March 2011: Internship with DECC’s Office of Carbon Capture and Storage, Whitehall Pl, London

Based in DECC’s Whitehall offices  I conducted and collated research that was subsequently included in the APGTF’s recent publication and the Research and Development chapter in the UK CCS Roadmap. Subsequent to my placement, a permanent internship programme has been initiated drawing PhD students working in CCS into the government.

4-5th October 2010: 3rd IEA Oxyfuel Combustion Young Researcher’s Forum, Stuttgart, Germany

An introduction to my PhD research topic at this meeting. The title of the presentation and my research is “Co-combustion of biomass under oxyfuel conditions (bio-ccs)”.

24th June 2010: A Low Carbon Future – DTC Hosted event at the University of Leeds

This event will provide an excellent example of the range of work that is ongoing in the DTC and the associated faculties here at the University of Leeds. High profile speakers and delegates from many backgrounds and interests groups attended what was a really good day.


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