Monday 3rd March – The way home, first class and marmite

March 16, 2014

The cathedral-like entrance hall to Leipzig station

The cathedral-like entrance hall to Leipzig station

Breakfasting and bidding goodbye to my good friend in Leipzig I managed to squeeze in sending a postcard before jumping on the first train of the day from Leipzig to (ironically) Frankfurt Airport. When I booked the ticket online the upgrade from standard to first class was 10 Euros for the entire trip (Leipzig – London). Now, I’ve never travelled first class before. Anywhere. So, I thought it was probably worth it, just to see how the other half live, especially at 1 Euro/ hour on the train and with the potential for included food and drink probably offsetting the cost of me having to buy lunch/ dinner. So, first class it was and it was quite pleasant too. Unlike UK trains (thinking East Coast) which apparently include tea and coffee, there was nothing extra included in the service but the seats were more roomy and, importantly for work, I got a plug socket to myself which meant I got a large chunk of work done on both this and the subsequent leg (Frankfurt-Brussels) of the journey. I don’t know whether I’d pay the upgrade on DB again, perhaps unless I knew I needed a plug socket in order to work, but it was a new experience nonetheless. Oh, and they do give out free Haribo…

However, it was on the Eurostar where the upgrade paid dividends as it did include an evening meal and even a glass of (veggie-friendly) wine. Add to that the fact that the wonderful crew went searching to find me a vegan meal which resulted in a tasty fruit salad for dessert and a catch up on English-language media and I arrived back into St Pancras thinking it probably was 10EUR well spent.

Thank you wonderful Eurostar train staff!

Thank you wonderful Eurostar train staff!

Tube and then train back home to Chelmsford followed by a slow trudge home with a backpack heavy with German beer samples. Still, I was happily rewarded by a newly baked loaf of bread to which I joyfully toasted and slopped some marmite on (try putting the marmite on toast before margarine, it’s so much better). It’s funny the things you miss.

And that about concludes this episode. More travels and interesting work is planned later in the year, so check back or sign up to the email if you want to hear more ramblings, but until then…tschuss!

Home. And I think I was expected...that's a lotta fruit!

Home. And I think I was expected…that’s a lotta fruit!


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