Scramble for the cooker – savour the kitchen!

October 4, 2012

Breakfast with Mum’s Grapefruit Marmalase

Oh dear, it’s been 10 days since last post which means I’m slipping. But, in attempt to avoid any retribution I think today’s menu pretty much makes up for it. With only a few days left with access to a kitchen (see if you’re wondering why) I thought I’d best make the most of it. So without further ado, here we go with lots and lots of photos:

– Breakfast was black coffee with toast and mum’s grapefruit marmalade (which apparently mum isn’t too keen on and needs someone to take the remaining few jars off her hands…sigh!) with a bit of juice on the side.

– Lunch was leftover soup with some organic wholemeal toast. The soup was one of Hannah’s creations for the West African food night at the weekend and it’s bloody delicious and keeps getting thicker nom nom nom.

Fiery green salad with kale and new potatoes

– Dinner, after a decent run in the rain, was pretty awesomely healthy actually. A salad of lettuce, cucumber, raw gherkin (first time!), red onion, celery, green pepper, thyme, basil, smashed garlic and chilli flakes served with steamed red kale and new potatoes in oil, pepper, and garlic. Oh and a piece of bread on the side – well I needed something to push the salad onto the fork with!

– Snacks, all day: dried dates and roasted nuts – a mix of cashews with chilli flakes and lime, cashews with lime and salt and brazils with cocoa and coconut. In the picture are some almonds with cocoa, cinnamon and sesame seeds but will have to wait for those as used honey for the binder – boooo!

Roasted cashews, brazils and almonds

Oh, and if there was ever a day being vegan was challenging it was when my good friend Z presented us with an awesome victoria sponge. Don’t worry though, I’ll make up for it tomorrow, just you wait!

With a bit of luck I’ll be able to post some vegan menus on my travels east – it’s going to be fun!


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