Do you take this day as a vegan day..? I do!

September 23, 2012

Another week and another small step in the direction of veganism. I was pretty worried about how this would work out – I had a wedding reception in the evening! But, with a little bit of planning I think everything turned out okay, and I even had some cake – wooo!

Right-y then:

Breakfast was a pretty simple toast/ coffee/ juice affair but if you pushed me I may admit I had more of my mum’s rhubarb and ginger jam than was strictly necessary but I was going for a run later and needed the sugar – honest!

Lunch was awesome, mainly because I’d walked to the greengrocers hungry. I have a rule which is I’ll buy as much as I can carry and since I was hungry I’d gone with a rucksack, which was pretty lucky because I got my first pumpkin of the year – before all the damn *kids* waste them at halloween. But the pumpkin, and the avocados for that matter, are waiting until later in the week for use in some NMA energy bars. Yes,  I know it seems actually impossible for me to not write a post without including them, but it is for very good reason – everyone should make them!


The raw onion and garlic may mean this isn’t date or pre-date food…

Anyway, I was in the mood for a salad and had already soaked some black/turtle beans overnight which after 20 mins the pressure cooker were pretty soft. While the beans were cooking I made the rest of the salad with some marinaded in a small amount of balsamic (half a red onion, fresh mushrooms, radish) and some just thrown in (smashed garlic, the other half of the onion, celery, cherry tomatoes and cucumber). Then I tossed the beans with quite a lot of cumin, fresh coriander and lime juice and then added them to the bowl – the hot, spicy beans with the cool salad was out of this world.

So that was lunch, and it set me up nicely for a run a few hours later.

Dinner was going to be at the wedding reception of a guy I work with (and a lovely reception it was too – congrats to the both of them) and being up north I was (I think) understandably concerned I would be tucking into peanuts all night. Fear not though I ended up with not just one but two chips sarnies. Sometimes life is really not too bad!

And then! After a gruelling ride home (can’t have been far off 2 hours from the venue) when we got in my housemate bounded down the stairs – he is incapable of walking down which is nice because you always know where he is – to tell us that he’d made an awesome curry and our friend had brought round an equally awesome cake, both of which were VEGAN. Oh I love my friends sometimes!


Courtesy of Joel. We are much obliged!

The curry really is good, a mix of mung beans, butternut squash, coconut and basil (with a few extras too), and topping of the evening the avocado (!) cake was awesomely rich. It is a recipe I want to steal but I wonder if I do whether I’ll ever be able to stop making it, or perhaps more depressingly whether I’d be able to make it half as well. Though to be honest half as tasty would still rank pretty highly!


Thank you Hannah!!!

So, that’s about it, a pretty diverse day of veganism. V my dear I hope we have many happy years together!


EDIT: Hannah has just sent me the recipe – I think I may be a convert to this blog:


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