Veganism? on a Thursday? Again? Oh alright then

September 14, 2012

Woah, back on the train (that’s a phrase I’ll be using a bit more frequently – see for that little reference) and vegan-ising the hell out of a Thursday.

It’s just getting too easy now. I barely have to think about what I’m going to eat. I was even in a rush so bought a prepared meal from the supermarket, and that was vegan too! Anyway, must dash – public engagement seminar looming – so here we go with this week’s vegan menu:

– Breakfast: granola (non-honey version) with soya milk and a good whack of OJ with bits a plenty.

– Lunch: a prepared indian veg curry pot which was price reduced the previous evening with a bit of bread and houmous to top it off.

– Dinner, salad, mmmmmm salad. I got in after football and in short just threw every salad vegetable into a bowl, added some nuts and sees (pine nuts, sunflower and celery seeds all toasted together) and since the lettuce was beginning to wilt a bit I even added a bit of oil and balsamic as a dressing. I wolfed this down pretty rapidly but also made enough for lunch today which I managed to hold off of long enough to snap a photo. It’s just a salad but I wanted to keep up the photo trend!Image

Few pieces of fruit as snacks through the day but that’s about it. Seemed to have kicked the dairy craving I usually get towards the end of V-Days which is good – to be dreaming about cheese is a damn-sight worse than cheese-dreams!

Anyway, think that’s that. More vegan food to come next week.

OHHH How dare I forget. When clearing out the fridge I found snuggling at the back one of the energy bars I made a week or so ago. It had dried out but that made even more like a brownie, ahhhh nom nom nom must make more!


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