Vegan Tuesday: Back with a BANG

September 4, 2012

Oh dear oh dear, it has been a while since I’ve posted. Things have turned a bit upside-down with me of late but I’m a firm believer in no such thing as a good excuse, so I’ll humbly say I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to vegan day postings.

If you’re interested I’ve been pushing closer and closer to veganism on a daily basis – in the last 3 weeks I reckon I’ve only bought 2 pints of cows milk and the odd bit of cheese. And now every ingredients list gets interrogated for its vegan credentials – why only ready salted crisps???

Anyway, must get back to point. Today was the first fully- fledged ‘I’m doing this again’ vegan day and with a little bit of prep it went damn well.

Breakfast was porridge, soaked in water with dried fruit (raisins, sultanas and apple chunks) with a good heap of mixed spice.

Mid-morning break was one of the bean energy bars I made following this NMA article (honestly may have changed my snacking life) which had borlotti beans, dried prunes, crystallised ginger, golden syrup, cinnamon, spelt flour, cocoa powder and oats. They are unbelievably good, like brownies but with ginger and even gooey-er and chewier.

Lunch was a mix of brown square wraps with ginger and lime houmous (an interesting tang which not entirely sure I’ll do again) with cucumber and red pepper and the other thing was perhaps the best salad I have ever made. I started with an avocado that was annoying me in the fridge and added chilli and garlic and shallots. Then I realised I had some black turtle beans in the fridge I was humming over what to do with so they went in. And if using them it’d be rude not to add some lime and cumin. Then I wanted to added a little more water so some very finely chopped cucumber and orange pepper went in. Gave it all a mix and then almost keeled over with delight at the taste. And that was last night, I’d been eagerly waiting for lunch pretty much since I got up and I wasn’t disappointed.


Avocado salad of wonderfulness, surprisingly tasty broccoli soup and energy bars that are far too tasty to be healthy

Mid-afternoon I had another energy bar – yes, I know but they are so more-ish and I was playing football so needed the boost, honestly.

Dinner was a hotch-potch affair. I had some stock left from a risotto about a week previously and also the stalk of the broccoli – the florets were in the risotto. I also had a few shallots and mushrooms taking up space so with a bit of garlic and a generous helping of black pepper I had a soup. My housemate was amazed how much flavour I’d got out of the broccoli stalk – I wasn’t but then again I was eating it. To top up on some carbs I had a toasted onion bagel and some potato wedges to dunk in the soup and that was about it.

No more energy bars but I did sneak a few squares of cardamom dark chocolate (artisan du chocolat, London) which may well be a dangerously expensive hobby in the making.

Still, back on track with the vegan days and long may they continue.


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