End of the working week, that calls for a VeryEntertainingGoAtNiceness Friday

July 14, 2012


First, please accept apologies for the terrible acrostic above (so bad you thought I’d just started talking weirdly and forgot how to use the space bar?). In my defence it’s difficult to come up with original titles about veganism and days of the week, but hopefully they’ll get better with time.

I’ve had a bit of an ephipahny this week: the more I have to think about veganism the more I realise how close I am to it already which is odd because I can honestly say prior to about a month ago I’ve wasn’t really putting much thought into what I ate (so long as it was vegetarian I was pretty happy). At most mealtimes this week though I’ve had the thought that ‘if I just switched this for that then the whole meal would have been vegan’ which for me is pretty cool. Admittedly this is partially due to switching margarine for soya-based spread and milk for rice milk (becoming slightly addicted 🙂 ) but it did surprise me that, neglecting my cheese intake, I don’t normally eat that much animal-derived food at all. Anyway, I shouldn’t amble in my thoughts too much so here’s my perhaps over-indulgent nutritional intake for yesterday, and I even got a snap of it!

Breakfast: shock to the system but cereal with rice milk took the place of the normal porridge (clearly the British summer weather working it’s charm!) along with coffee and grapefruit juice.


Toasted crumpets with houmous, cold roasted veg and salad

Lunch: (Double) Toasted crumpets with a dollop of red-pepper houmous and some chilled, roasted vegetables – leftover from dinner the day before – with a salad of rocket, spinach, watercress, cherry toms, cucumber and basil on the side. Btw, the hot crumpet (no jokes please) is great with the cold houmous and veg!

Dinner: Roasted vegetable soup (also left over from the day before) where anything in the fridge that was on the way out was chopped, part-boiled and then seasoned and roasted with cayenne pepper and of course a bit of toast for dunking on the side. FYI the soup was damn tasty and had potatoes, carrots, swede, parsnip and garlic, onion, celery which skipped the part-boiling step.

Snacks: This seems to be where I fall down on a big V day; I seem to get peckish between meals much more. So, managed to devour a banana, packet of fizzy strawberry lances, 2 packets of ready salted crisps (milk powder in the other flavours) and a vegetarian sausauge sandwich with fried mushrooms and Branston pickle (yes I know that’s a meal in itself but I thought it sounded like a ridiculous thing to put under the heading of supper even though I’ve now admitted that’s what it was). In fairness I was going to have rhubarb stewed with goji berries and cardamom pods which I’d made earlier in the week and managed to rescue from my housemates, but I realised it had a bit of honey in it and thought what’s the point in  doing something like this if not going to bother sticking to it…so that can wait until tomorrow!

Right, babble over. Until next week, ttfn!


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