A Hidden Vegan Day

July 7, 2012

Okay, so this week I wanted to be able to have my day of veganism without any extra planning and if possible any extra ingredients, the idea being it really isn’t much effort to switch between veggie and vegan. So, here’s what happened:


Standard porridge with banana, water, cinnamon and a dash of soy milk.


Tomato and basil soup with toasted pitta bread for dunking.


Salt & pepper peanuts (they were reduced at the union – bless the undergrads for being away)

Toasted onion bagel (definitely pronounced ‘buy-gul’) with marmite and soya butter with a strawberry/mango/pineapple/oatmeal smoothie (sounds a bit extravagant but the strawberries were a quarter of their normal price and going mouldy and the other fruit was frozen from last year).


I’d been given some garlic and broad beans by one of the lovely allotment crew and despite feeling bad about taking them having done next to no work I found a nice space in my bag to ferry them home. As soon as I picked up the goodies I knew I they’d be lovely in a risotto, especially since I had some dried mushrooms in the cupboard already. So, just a courgette, half an onion, stock and some Arborio rice and presto a damn tasty risotto was ready. While I was waiting for the rice to soften I thought I’d put some more of the garlic to use and combined it with some fresh parsley and basil, and salt and pepper, to give the flavour for vegan (soya again) butter which I rather unsparingly smothered on seedy bread before putting it under the grill. As tasty as it was I think my housemates did well to decline – the potency of the garlic would easily have kept any vampires away and no doubt done their chances on a Friday night out no good. Never mind, more for me: staying in had never seemed so rewarding.

In hindsight I should have taken a snap of dinner for the blog but to be honest almost before I’d finished dishing up I was tucking in so it would have been a photo taken under considerable duress.

Oh, and I had a couple of bottles of Sainsbury’s TTD Kentish Ale (actually made by Shephard Neame) which is labelled as vegan (!), because on a Friday it would be rude not to…cheers!


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