A Vegan Sunday

July 2, 2012

Wow, time passed pretty quickly last week and unfortunately for veganism (but fortunately for my pocket) conferences meant lunch was catered for several times during the week. I say unfortunately for veganism because I think there’s a fair chance that a request for ‘the deeper V’ may cause shockwaves through the bedrock of catering services and I’m already fearful for what is going to happen when – to reduce absurd wastage – we ask them to reduce portion size (and cost) of their products…I can feel the fissures opening now.

Anyway, with most of the working week written off, I thought I’d splurge come the weekend. I mean what better incentive for good healthy food than the plethora of sport pouring out of our tv screens at the moment. So, under the guise of a Euro 2012 party at the girlfriend’s I engaged in a little subterfuge and managed to drag a few stragglers far across the vegetarian wilderness (there was no no man’s land at this soiree: it was me the vegan and them the omnivores), close to the vegan lines. But, before we get to dinner I suppose I’d best detail the rest of the day to prove I didn’t cheat!


Porridge with banana and cinnamon, a dollop of marmalade and just water (no soy milk this week)

Black coffee (getting a taste for it now)

Toast with marmalade (yes, it was quite an indulgent breakfast)


2 halves of vegan pasties from the lovely deli Hendricks just off George St in Edinburgh (the Scottish one was mainly beans with a haggis style spice and the mexican one had salsa with a bit more of a kick).

Coffee with rice milk (comment from last week duly noted) which was pretty tasty even on it’s own: I shall be buying some of that when back.


Tamara’s Ratatouille (another YO recipe but also available here: http://healthyrecipes.wikia.com/wiki/Tamara’s_Ratatouille) which I scaled up a bit and served with aplomb to some ravenous Scots. I was hoping to have some left for lunch but it all bloody went, mainly to a seemingly surprised chorus of “it’s delicious and it’s healthy” with me adding secretly in me head “and vegan, ha ha ha”. I do have a small crime to admit though, and it really was a second degree crime rather than pre-mediated, but I inadvertently picked up a piece of garlic bread that had been brought round and only thought about it when the garlic butter was dripping out of the edge of my mouth…Still, I reckon bringing 5 others to the dark side was well worth it (the fact they had chocolate cake for dessert notwithstanding – it was nothing to do with me).


Toasted sesame bagel with more marmalade, a few raspberries and strawberries and a couple of squares of Montezuma’s Orange and Geranium Chocolate. Then, more than at any other point of the day did I realise quite how blissful life as a vegan could be.

Nom nom nom.


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