A first vegan menu

June 21, 2012

Mmmm, no dairy…no, you’re right it sounds terrible. But, it actually ended up being pretty tasty. I was full through the day and got my 5-a-day with ease.

I’m posting it mainly as an instrument of battering me into committing to a weekly 1 or 2 vegan days. Any comments,  or ideas/ suggestions for diversity gratefully received!


Porridge with water, banana, cinnamon and half water half soy milk.

Smoothie left over from weekend (banana, OJ, frozen mango and frozen raspberries).

Coffee with soy. Would have been better black…


this salad (http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/recipes/wild-rice-salad) with split peas instead of the rice (I made it the night before)

A nectarine.

Note: there were 4 (!) vegan salads on offer as we ate in the sun, swapsies..? yes please!


Cashew nut paella (from M&S cookbook), link to follow. Try it, it’s awesome!


few hard boiled sweets (cheers DI)


I think that’s it…

overall verdict: pretty damn good, particularly the paella – might even mean tomorrow is largely vegan too (easy 3 portions from it).


3 Responses to “A first vegan menu”

  1. Congrats on completing a full day eating vegan! I know it can be difficult at first but it does get easier. I found it very helpful to focus on the things I could have and trying new things, rather than focus on replacing exactly what you are giving up.
    I noticed you didn’t like soy milk in your coffee. Soy milk does tend to separate and go weird in coffee. I find other non-dairy milks and soy or coconut creamers made for coffee work much better.
    Please feel free to check out my blog (I just started so its a bit empty at the moment) or my linked Pinterest food journal ‘Everyday Vegan Goodness’ for some ideas.
    Good luck!

    • sampickard said

      Thank you! To be honest it was much easier than expected (starting as a veggie gave me a bit of a leg up I think) so it really was more of ‘well I can still eat the majority of what I do so long as I substitute this for that’. That said, it is a bit of an opportunity to branch out and try some recipes I’ve been hoarding.
      Thanks too for the advice on the milk. Despite only being officially vegan once/ twice a week I’ve given up on dairy milk at the moment and the soy is growing on me but I’ll keep an eye for the non-dairy options.
      Think your blog looks great, I’ll be visiting for ideas for sure. Maybe made a bit of mistake looking at your Pinterest board while hungry though…

      • Thanks for checking out my blog and Pinterest. 🙂
        Yes, I definitely think that already being vegetarian makes going vegan mush easier! Otherwise it is a lot of things to give up at once.
        I found that going vegan actually made my passion for food even stronger than it already was! Kind of forced my to try new ingredients and be a little more creative.

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